Bumblebee creates a live transfer of data, graphics, and objects between Grasshopper and Excel. Designed to give the user variable levels of engagement between the two programs, from simple data transfers to charting, formulas, analytics, Bumblebee creates a high speed link that enables not only data and visual coordination, but interoperability between the two platform’s data manipulation capabilities.

Components are developed for interchangeability and reuse within the larger set falling into several sets defined by functional uses, data transfer, data analytics, graphics, allowing for quick familiarization.

Built on the Microsoft Excel Interop method, Bumblebee is written in Grasshopper VB nodes, and made available as a series of editable user objects that can easily be modified by anyone and loaded back into the larger user object collection or to the Bumblebee group.

The goal of Bumblebee is to offer an experience as simple as plugin data into an output and hitting go to a level of customization that where every graphic element can be uniquely controlled for every item of data.

Bumblebee 2.0.2 User Object - See change log for prior versions and history
Bumblebee Sample Files - Sample files demonstrating various applications of Bumblebee components
Bumblebee Documentation - Google Doc documentation