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Surface Six Pack


This script produces six options for surface subdivision within Rhino. It provides a curveset as an output which can be used for module population.

Surface Wave


Surface wave is a very simple rhinoscript tool which uses a curve to create a sine wave based surface.

Sweep Tool


The multiSweep script allows for the selection of multiple rails and a profile from which the profile’s relative planar orientation is determined and automatically aligned perpendicular to each rail.

Text Anchor Point


A very simple Rhino Script tool designed to give anchor points to text objects in Rhino 4

Transform Each


may be a very simple script, but it is a handy one to have around. The command is modeled after adobe illustrator’s transform each feature and follows its namesake.

Triangulate Strips


This simple triangulation fabrication script takes a single surface and evaluates it at a user specified density. The script then creates a flattened set of strip templates for printing/ lasercutting which are numbered for easy assembly.

Triangulate Tile


This simple triangulation fabrication script evaluates a surface and creates a tiled set of triangulated pieces with incrementally numbered tabs. To assemble, simply combine tabs with matching numbers… and your done.

Visualize Points


This Rhino Script presents a series of options for the visualization of points, relative to graphic output.

Weave A


This Rhino Script uses a simple repeating over/under pattern, however this curves in this series run diagonally across the surface creating a pseudo diagrid pattern.

Weave B


This Rhino Script uses a series of curves, warp and weft, running parallel to the UV directions of a surface, weaving two disparate series of integers as rules for the over/under pattern.