Field of View

Description This view analysis component takes a user-specified visual plane, field of view angle, and distance limit to test for view obstruction from input meshes. The result is a returned percent of unobstructed views and a series of view cones with associated distanced and angles which show the extents of visibility from a given location.Began …

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Lloyd’s Algorithm

Description This user object runs what is known as Lloyd’s Algorithm, an iterative implementation of a Voronoi Solution where each iteration uses the previous iterations area centers as the new seeds for the current iterations solution. The result is a successive evening or smoothing of cell distributions and aspect ratio. Components Lloyds Basic P In …

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Fab Tab Tiles

This component lays out each face of a mesh as a set of tiles on a two dimensional plane adding annotated tabs. If faces are quads a crease line is added between the faces 2nd and 4th vertices to aid in bending.

NOAA Solar

This component uses a Latitude and Longitude coordinate and GMT offset value with a date and time and returns the sun’s vector at the specified parameters as well as a series of other datapoints at the given sample.

Rhino Sun

Description This series of components access the sun system in Rhino and allow for control and returning of sun parameters. There are three component types, Rhino Sun Data, which returns the sun system’s current settings, Set Sun, which uses the Latitude / Longitude and Time to set the sun and Set Sun Manual, which sets …

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Offset Two

This component uses the same basic setup as the Offset curve component, but returns two curve sets as an output using both a positive and negative distance value consistently returning the shorter and longer curves in two separate outputs.


This vb Component for Grasshopper tests a number value against a floor and ceiling value returning the floor if lower, the ceiling if higher, and the original value if between.