Dash Curve

A simple script developed during the Rib maker script, this Rhinoscript interface allows the user to select a set of curves then input a sequential set of curve parameters between 0 and 1. The curve set is then broken according to the sequential parameters.


This rhinoscript takes a collection of objects and produces a series of documentation drawings in Orthographic, Auxillary, and Isometric projection producing a total of 26 drawings.

Expanded Surface

The expanded surface is the final release of the unfolded surface series at this time. This version generates an expanded surface which provides higher structural rigidity as well as aesthetic texture. This script includes a function to find the triangular inpoint from a series of 3 different points.

Image Reader

This is the first set of a developing series of image reading scripts designed to bridge hand sketching with three dimensional modeling. Inspired by a project by Onur Gun, the manifestation of form from relative image intensities, begins to open rapid spatial development.


This rhinoscript uses a random function to produced minor variations in Position (move), Orientation (rotation), and Dimension (scale) within a range specified by the user.


This Rhino Script allows the used to select multiple sets of curves to run the loft command on, reducing the total amount on time spent cycling through options.