Pack It

This Rhino Script allows the user to pack a series of curves into a set boundary with several options for scaling, orientation, sorting, and numbering.


Part of a library of environmental effect graphic generators this Rhino Script produces a series of lines which fall like rain upon Rhino’s cplane.

Random Groups

This simple rhinoscript, developed to randomize sets of objects for material application in rendering, allows the user to select a set of objects and place them into a user specified number of groups.


This Rhino Script presents the user with a series of options to create random point clusters in different geometric volumes as well as surface or curve parameters.

Rib Maker

This Rib fabrication Rhino script allows the user to select a surface, input the row and column count, specify the rib dimensions, then sit back, have a coffee and let the computer do the work.

Ripple Objects about Curve

This Rhino Script takes allows the user to select a series of curves and a curve to reference them against. From this relationship the user can select a new curve which will deform the series of curves relative to the difference between the two reference curves.

Scale Field by Image

This Rhinoscript takes any image reads the luminance value of the image at a user specified 2d increment and uses the results as a scalar multiplier against a user specified value for a selected set of objects.

Sweep Tool

The multiSweep script allows for the selection of multiple rails and a profile from which the profile’s relative planar orientation is determined and automatically aligned perpendicular to each rail.

Triangulate Strips

This simple triangulation fabrication script takes a single surface and evaluates it at a user specified density. The script then creates a flattened set of strip templates for printing/ lasercutting which are numbered for easy assembly.