g.oo is a minimal set of components which link Open Office to Grasshopper. The sister project to Bumblebee, it uses similar structuring in component layouts and workflow, though simpler and with more limited options Components are developed for interchangeability and reuse and designed to allow for flexible application ranging from high speed data transfer with minimal component inputs to full cell, text, and chart formatting though the use of the style inputs. Built on the Open Office Star language and Visual Basic, Bumblebee is written in Grasshopper VB nodes, and made available as a series of editable user objects that can easily be modified by anyone. The goal of g.oo is to offer an experience as simple as plugin data into an output and hitting go to a level of customization that where every graphic element can be uniquely controlled for every item of data.

g.oo 0.0.1 User Objects - no change log at this time
g.oo Sample Files - Sample files demonstrating various applications of Bumblebee components
g.oo Documentation - Google Doc documentation