GEODEX is a collection of mathematical curve and surface equations for Grasshopper 3d. Using a combination of Polar, Parametric, and Cartesian equations as best suited, simply plug in a list or tree of unitized numbers (t) or points (uv) values into each component and they will be evaluated returning x,y,z coordinates. Most components include additional input parameters which manipulate the curve. These fall into two type, (r) values (radius & length) which relate to rhino units, and (p) values which are unit less variable parameters of the equation. Components fall under the categories of:

  • Knots, which have (t) inputs, but no other parameters. These are sources directly from Paul Bourke’s website (see below).
  • Planar Curves, which use (t) inputs and varied (p) and (r) inputs returning planar curves. These are broken into sub categories for “open”, “closed”, “simple”, and “spiral” curve types. These conditions are of course dependent on the range of the (t) values input.
  • Polygons, which create regular polygons of (n) number of edges by either edge length or distance to midpoint of the edge. Distance to vertex is not included as grasshopper already has this functionality.
  • Surfaces, which use (u,v) point and varied (p) and (r) inputs to evaluate  open surface equations. These components return the same datatree structure as the inputs and can therefore easily be organized to produce either meshes or surfaces.
  • Surface Curves, which use (t) values and varied (p) and (r) inputs allow the creates of three dimensional curves which move along surface of the equations respective volume, sphere, torus, or cylinder.
  • Volume, which are similar to surfaces in structuring use (u,v) point and varied (p) and (r) inputs returning points that enclose a volume of space, dependent on the (u,v) range.

GEODEX 3.0.1 User Objects - see change log for prior versions and history
GEODEX Sample Files - A collection of files implementing the components (coming soon)
GEODEX Documentation - PDF document containing a list of all curve and surfaces types and corresponding hyperlinks to the sources of the equations