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OBSOLETEThis component has been superseded by the Caterpillar Project 

This vb Component for Grasshopper allows the user to convert between real world units, ex. inches to centimeters, picas to sun, take your pick.  The components interface has three inputs, a numerical input, where a double value can be input, a string input which specifies the type of unit being input, and  a string input which specifies the type of unit being output.  The result is the conversion of one units value to another.  The conversion works by taking the input unit and converting it to centimeters as a normal, then multiplies it against the conversion ratio for the specified output unit.  Because of grasshoppers constraints some extremely low ratios will appear as 0.  The unit converter supports the following units of measurement, both archaic and common:angstrom, bu, cable, centimeter, chain, chi, cho, cun, decimeter, fathom, fen, foot, furlong, hand, hao, hu, inch, jyo, kabiet, kairi, ken, keub, kilometer, league, li, line, link, meter, micrometre, mil, mile, millimeter, mon, nieu, nonometer, perch, pica, pixel, point, ri, rod, sawk, seaLeague, seaMile, sen, shortCable, shyaku, si, sun, surveyFoot, twip, wah, yard, yin, yote ,zhang.  Ratio’s were determined through www.onlineconversion.com and www.convert-me.com .  Distances conversions have been tested 3 times but should be confirmed for accuracy before being used.  Please notify immediately if there is an error in ratio.
| Download Legacy GHX File
Platform | Rhino 5, Grasshopper
Version | Grasshopper 0.8.0004
Type | Legacy Visual Basic Component


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