Mesh+ is a set of user objects which enable a wide range of mesh editing, creation, interaction, and topology modification within Grasshopper 3d.

Originally developed to expedite the creation of effects for 3d printing, the toolset has grown to focus much more on interaction and the provision of simple and robust tools for the creation of mesh geometry. This now includes the following categories

Analyze | Returns, topological, geometric, and contextual mesh information

Show | Displays topological information

Select | Allows for manual or parameter driven interaction with Rhino or Grasshopper meshes

Modify | Changes topological properties of a mesh

Edit | Alters the physical and makeup of a mesh

Make | Creates meshes from a series of geometric inputs

Map | Uses Barycentric mapping to morph geometery into mesh face bays

Smooth | Applies a series of weighted smoothing methods

Subdivision | Divides faces into new configurations in comprehensive sets based on edge consistency

Effects | Applies a series of more complex mesh configurations to existing mesh faces

Volume | Creates meshes spanning between two similar meshes of tripoly periodic surfaces and custom solutions.

Weave | Creates physically seperated but interlinked meshes

Loop | Creates iterative effects which build off selected faces

mesh+ 2.0 User Objects - see change log for prior versions and history
mesh+ _Sample Files - Coming Soon
mesh+ Documentation - Coming Soon