Range Rebuild Curves

Developed for optimizing curves for laser cutting files, this script allows the user to rebuild curves that fall within a certain point count range. The user is asked to select a series of curves and is then prompted to select a minimum and maximum point count as well as a point count for rebuilding if the curve falls within these parameters. Additionally, the ability to override the degree of curvature is included, if the value is zero the existing curvature is retained.

Rhino Script

Option Explicit
'Script written by <David Mans>
'Script copyrighted by <Neoarchaic Studio>
'Script version Tuesday, June 09, 2009 3:07:42 PM
Call Main()
Sub Main()
	Dim curves, arrValue
	curves = Rhino.GetObjects("Select Curves to Rebuild", 4,, True)
	If isNull(curves) Then Exit Sub
	arrValue = Rhino.PropertyListBox(array("Range Minimum", "Range Maximum", "Point Count", "Degree (0=current)"), array(2, 10, 5, 0))
	If isNull(arrValue) Then Exit Sub
	Call Rhino.EnableRedraw(False)
	Call reBuildRange(curves, CInt(arrValue(0)), CInt(arrValue(1)), CInt(arrValue(2)), CInt(arrValue(3)))
	Call Rhino.EnableRedraw(True)
End Sub
Function reBuildRange(arrCurves, minVal, maxVal, dblValue, dblDegree)
	reBuildRange = Null
	Dim i, tVal, tDeg
	Dim arrOutput()
	ReDim arrOutput(uBound(arrCurves))
	For i = 0 To uBound(arrCurves) Step 1
		'find the existing point count, set rebuild to false
		tVal = Rhino.CurvePointCount(arrCurves(i))
		'if the point count is in range then set rebuild to true and specify new point count
		If tVal >= minVal And tVal <= maxVal Then
			'if degree is set to zero use existing curve degree, otherwise specify new curve degree
			If dblDegree <= 0 Then
				tDeg = Rhino.CurveDegree(arrCurves(i))
				tDeg = dblDegree
			End If
			arrOutput(i) = Rhino.RebuildCurve(arrCurves(i), tDeg, dblValue)
			arrOutput(i) = arrCurves(i)
		End If
	reBuildRange = arrOutput
End Function