This tool takes the Layer Color, Print Width, Line Type, and Print Color from a user selected set of layers and exports them along with the corresponding layer names to a RLF (Rhino Layer Format) file, which can be opened in any text editor. This file can be loaded into another rhino session and all layers with the corresponding names will be updated to match the properties of the layers from the source file. This makes it simple to match appearance from one file to the next.

The command works as follows

  • Run the command TransferLayerProperties in the Rhino command line
  • Toggle between Export and Import
  • Select the Layers to either read from or override
  • Select the File path for importing or exporting

The rhino script can be directly copied from below and the and downloadable rhino plugin contains the command.

| Download Rhino Plugin

Platform | Rhino 5, Rhinoscript
Function | Organization