Offset Two


This vb Component for Grasshopper takes three edge length and produces the corresponding triangle. This particular function begins with the first edge being aligned to the x axis of the world top in Rhino and produces the geometry so long as the three input numbers are valid to create a triangle. The component has been updated to work on a user-specified plane.


Offset Two

CInCurveListOpen or closed mesh
DInDoubleItemThe distance to be offset in the positive and negative.
PInPlaneItemOffset solution plane.
VInIntegerItemCorner style for offset kinks. [0 = none, 1 = sharp, 2 = round, 3 = smooth, 4 = chamfer]
TInDoubleItemThe offset or fitting tolerance.
SOutCurveListThe shorter of the offset curve or curve sets
LOutCurveListThe longer of the offset curve or curve sets


Minimum Requirements

PlatformRhino 5, Grasshopper
VersionGrasshopper 0.9.0075
TypeC# Component