Pair & Shear List


These two components allow for two means of list organization. Shear List takes a list of data and creates two lists, one with the last item removed and a second with the first item removed creating a staggered pair of lists making value comparisons simple. ex. (A,B,C,D,E)  = (A,B,C,D) & (B,C,D,E). Pair takes a list and creates a datatree with pairs of sequential values from the list. ex. (A,B,C,D,E) = [A,B] , [B,C] , [C,D] , [D,E]


Pair List

LInObjectListA list of objects
POutObjectTreeDatatree of sequential pairs of objects

Shear List

LInObjectListA list of objects
AInObjectListA shifted list with the last list item removed
BOutPolylineListA shifted list with the first list items removed


Minimum Requirements

PlatformRhino 5, Grasshopper
VersionGrasshopper 0.9.0075
TypeC# Component