Regular Triangular Mesh


This vb Component for Grasshopper takes a series of values and locates and indexes common values. Returning each a corresponding list of the unique values and their total number of repetitions. Developed for fabrication this function is useful for optimizing production. This component has been majorly revised recently.


Regular Triangular Mesh

UInIntegerItemThe number of quads in the U direction
VInIntegerItemThe number of quads in the V direction
MInIntegerItem0 = Parallel, 1 = Wave, 2 = Cross, 3 = Rings
SInBooleanItemSwaps the grain of the triangulation
UVOutPoint 3dListA list of unitized UV coordinates at the specified division.
FOutFacesListA list of corresponding faces describing the selected pattern


Minimum Requirements

PlatformRhino 5, Grasshopper
VersionGrasshopper 0.9.0075
TypeC# Component