This component has been reworked and simplified using a much cleaner method for point analysis. The component now tests a single sample point against a list of origin points which can have a wavelength and diminishing rate assigned to them. The resulting value at each point can either be multiplied or summed and averages per each ripple origin point.



SInPoint 3dItemA sample point to test
MInBooleanItemMode: True = Additive, False = Multiplicative
PInPoint 3dListOrigin points for Ripple calculation
RInDoubleListThe concentric wavelength for each  Ripple
DInDoubleListA unitized rate of diminishment per ripple (0-1)
VOutDoubleItemThe resultant unitized value


Minimum Requirements

PlatformRhino 5, Grasshopper
VersionGrasshopper 0.9.0075
TypeC# Component